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5. Februar 2016
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4. August 2016

The Female Pelvis I

Instructor: Pilar Martin

August 5/6/7, 2016, Munich

(Attention: NO Female Pelvis I WS in 2017/18)

  • In this 3 day workshop we will explore the female pelvis, a keystone in our work, from the musculoskeletal, visceral and movement perspectives.
  • We will consider the ligamentous, bony and muscular structures and address the different organs of the urogenital system. Special attention will be paid to the bladder, uterus, and their potential pathologies.
  • You will learn and practice simple techniques that will allow you to recognize and treat structural distortions and functional imbalances in your clients.
  • Through experiential anatomy and embodiment exercises we”™ll explore in ourselves how these structures relate to each other and to the rest of our body.
  • We”™ll create space for the understanding of “core stabilization” and the development of skills to help our clients in its activation.


Pilar MartinPilart Martin Certified Advanced Rolfer - Hebamme

Is a Certified Advanced Rolfer and nurse-midwife. She trained at the European Rolf Institute in 1990. Her practice has been influenced strongly by the work of Peter Schwind, Jean Pierre Barral, Hubert Godard and Susan Harper among others. Pilar lives in California where she practices and from where she travels to teach somatic practitioners in the U.S. and abroad


Date: August,  5/6/7,  2016
Place:  Sollnerstrasse 43, 81479 Munich
Credits:  3 SOP (2 Manipulation / 1 Elective Credits)

Prerequisites for attending the workshop: Female Practitioner

Training Fee:   440,-

For participation please fill, sign and send in the registration form below!

Looking forward to meeting you in Munich – Pilar Martin & Konrad Obermeier


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