Intersubjectivity and the Practice of Rolfing®

Intersubjectivity and the Practice of Rolfing® Rolfing® primarily emphasizes the need to work through the client’s fascial network in bringing about structural integration and resolving somatic dysfunction. However, recent research has demonstrated that the relationship of Rolfer and client plays … Weiterlesen

The Subtle Body and Rolfing

The Subtle Body and Rolfing® WILLIAM SMYTHE, M.A. “Gravity is the root of lightness; stillness, the ruler of movement.” Lao Tzu Dr. Rolf’s vision was not about creating another manipulative system of healing to compete with chiropractic or osteopathic medicine … Weiterlesen


Supervision Weekend For Rolfers By Anna Neil-Raduner My knowledge and experience qualifies me to guide students in the following domains of our work: How to start the therapeutic process with history taking. Seeing and understanding bodies in motion and stillness. … Weiterlesen